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What’s New in the Library Week 2013 #whatsnew2013


‘What’s New in the Library 2013 is a brand new event to promote the developing collections in the University of Edinburgh Library, led by the Library Consultants in IS User Services Division.

You can expect a week of events highlighting new additions and new developments in the Library collections, running this week from Monday 21 October to Friday 25 October.

As Open Access Week and the Centre for Research Collections (CRC) Open Day are happening in the same week, staff in Library & University Collections will also be showcasing the wide range of Library collections activity.

The ‘What’s New’ Blog  at  will feature a constantly changing stream of posts about what’s new in different subject areas throughout the three Colleges. You’ll also find the programme of events day by day, and an opportunity for library users to give their feedback and win prizes.


King James Bible on display at New College Library, Edinburgh

The Holy Bible : conteyning the Old Testament ... (London, 1611) New College Library B.r.64

The Holy Bible : conteyning the Old Testament … (London, 1611) New College Library B.r.64

Currently on display in the entrance to New College Library is a first edition (1611) of the the Authorised version or King James’ version of the Bible. In this edition, some copies are identified as “He” Bibles and some as “She” Bibles  because a typographical discrepancy in Ruth 3:15 rendered a pronoun “He” instead of “She” in that verse in some printings.  These huge folio Bibles were designed to be read aloud in the pulpit, and a copy was originally chained to every church pulpit in England.

Fire and Brimstone

The discovery of a most enormous evil

The discovery of a most enormous evil (Edinburgh, 1752) W.c.1/7

Five years in to the Funk Cataloguing Projects here at New College Library, early Pamphlets are continuing to be catalogued. We’re still finding unique items which are being sent for digital photography over at the University of Edinburgh Main Library. Great blog post on these by Susan Petigrew in the Digital Imaging Unit – see